Beyond The Universe

Having wonder in eyes,
Curiosity in heart I evolve
My fancy to the dimensions.
Colossal is the universe
And beyond my think.
If I try to think again,I may sink.

The enormous empire of infinity
Astonish my small entity,
I just can’t portray the heavenly feeling-
Cause it’s beyond my capacity of wording!
All I know it’s almighty Allah who embellished-
The utter cosmos with celestial bodies!

All I can feel the almighty’s throne is over there-
From where He listens all of ours prayers.
He is the Lord of the heavens and world,
Without His permission nothing moves or halts.
He’s AL-MUSAWWIR, the Fashioner,
The one who fashioned this vast universe!
I wish to see my Lord there beyond the skies
If He wills, one day with my tiny eyes.

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